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Sunburst Chip Carving

  • 9 Jan 2023
  • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Peterborough Square
  • 8


Teacher:  Barbara Bellchambers                                         

ACP Members price - $45

 Chip Carving on gourds is different from what Woodworkers call chip carving.  Instead of using a carving knife, we will be using small rounded carving tools.  I will supply a variety of carving tools that you can try, and I will teach you how to sharpen them.  If you enjoy carving, I can help you chose which ones will be best for you to invest in and where you can buy them.  

The design we will be doing looks very complicated, though once I teach you this simple cut and how to draw the design, it will become easier.  You will want a gourd that is not thin, you need enough room to be able to cut into the gourd without cutting through it.  Actually, you need less than1 /4” thickness but not paper thin.  Cannon ball gourds are not suggested as they are very dense and not easy to carve on.  Do not paint the inside of the gourd so you can tell if you are cutting too deeply!

I use either a Kevlar glove when carving, or my favourite cotton glove that has tiny steel wires woven into the glove.  If you have a Kevlar glove please bring it.  If you decide you want to do more carving, you should invest in good safety gloves.  I will bring what gloves I have for you to try.

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