03-BB #2043, DP02, DP04 Gourd Shard Doll Pins

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Gourd Shard Doll Pins 03-BB #2043, DP02, DP04 By Barbara Bellchambers $24 each 5” high including feathers #2043 is copper and gold, DP02 is silver and purple DP04 is blue and copper Sometimes it is simply fun to play with gourd shards, and incorporate different materials into the design. I started with gourd shards that I cut out from a larger piece of gourd. I started my designs with the face, using clay molds to begin and then pulling the clay and changing the face by using small tools to add more to the designs. The face often determined how I would finish the gourd: sometimes paint, clay with designs pushed into it, assorted powders that need to be heat set, adding beads and finishing with a feather headdress. Large pins are glued securely to the back of the pin.
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