"Autumn Treasure" Gourd 03 BB#1426

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"Autumn Treasure" Gourd 03 BB#1426 $90 7 1/2" w x 5 1/2" h by Barbara Bellchambers This gourd started as an example for teaching how to make a Leather Laced Rim. I dyed the gourd bright red, and painted the inside bright yellow, as to do the rim, both the inside and outside first needed to be sealed. After the class, I decided to do knotless netting all around it, but I was never happy with the result on this particular gourd. A couple of years passed as I contemplated this gourd, wondering just what it wanted to be. At some point I removed the netting I had knotted to cover the whole gourd. Finally, during the pandemic the gourd inspired me to engrave fall trees into the dyed and varnished finish. I named the gourd "Autumn Treasure", and I must say this gourd is now happy with what it became, and so am I! I hope it brings you pleasure.
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