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Gourd Art hand made by Local Artisans

Interesting facts about Gourds:

Hard-shelled Gourds
Gourds, one of the first cultivated plants throughout the world, have been used since prehistoric times. They are believed to have originated in Africa and floating along oceanic current, spread to various parts of the world. Gourds dating from 10,000 BC have been found in Peru, Mexico, Asia and Florida.  The remarkable number of shapes and sizes in which gourds grow makes them suitable for many purposes ranging from the obvious to ingenious.  Once dry, the gourd will last as long as any other wood product. They were primarily used as vessels, containers, fishing floats, musical instruments, dowry payments, masks, money and ceremonial objects.  Gourds are also decorative.  The hard outer skin, being very much like wood, accepts dye, ink, and paints readily.  Local artists also enjoy adding such enhancements as fibre, beads, burned designs, and weaving to turn them into beautiful works of art.

Hand made just for you by Local Artisans

Hand-built and Throw Pottery Items by local Artisans

Hand Turned items from a variety of woods made by local Artisans

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